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  • Claire Strohbach
  • Misha-Joy Clark
  • Nicci Thackwell
  • Nirveda Moodley
  • Rina van der Watt
Claire Strohbach

Claire Strohbach M.A.

MA Clin. Psych. Unisa.

SA area: Glencairn Heights, Cape Town

Work online: Yes


Relationship/couples counselling, self esteem/personal growth through life transitions/working towards wellbeing, managing anxiety and depression/trauma and bereavement counselling.

Therapeutic approach:

My overall focus is on providing an empathetic space within which to provide guidance and support in dealing with life challenges; assistance in renewing the way one looks at life, working on creating mental disciplines and behavioural changes which enhance self esteem and relationship connections.My background training was in ecosystemic thinking, family and narrative therapy. It is of course however life that is our greatest teacher.

Over many years now through both professional experience, exposure to other approaches and personal experience I continue to integrate all that I learn and essentially continue to evolve an eclectic style of psychotherapy where my clients needs are paramount. More recently I am influenced by the CBT approach and the field of Positive Psychology which focuses on building up strengths and resources.

Misha-Joy Clark
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