South African psychologist directory | Therapy for South Africa!

Therapy for South Africa! is an online directory of South African Clinical or Counselling Psychologists who provide psychotherapy services in South Africa. 

Therapist's qualifications, registration, therapeutic approach and areas of expertise are presented.

Psychotherapists work in their own premises and practices, and are available to clients through their normal practice channels of communication and referral, and may also be contacted for enquiries via their TherapyRoom profile. only provides a web directory service - all psychological services are managed by your psychologist exclusively. For psychological emergency please contact your local hospital or the police.

Psychotherapy is a professional method used for addressing psychological illnesses like depression and anxiety with patients.

Challenges in life often leave us exposed to psychological stress: in our work, families, close relationships; all can leave us challenged with emotion and disorientation. Therapy and counselling, by psychologists and counsellors, seeks to address such concerns in conversation and discussion formally in usually weekly sessions.

There are many types of therapy: psychodynamic, cognitive-behaviourial (CBT), psychoanalytic, gestalt, mindfulness, solution-focused, cognitive, humanist, Jungian, existential, brief and narrative therapies are central methods.

Therapists on the directory have a similarly varied set of approaches and areas of expertise in their practices, a sense of which is given on their respective profiles. is a directory only, please contact a mental health professional if you need psychological assistance, or your nearest hospital or the police in the event of psychological emergency.